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 We Are Excited To Meet You!


  • Tier 3 Special Olympics Paddleboard Coach

  • Coach Charlotte County Special Olympics SUP Team

  • World Paddling Association

  • Certified Emergency RN 20 plus years

  • Florida Master Naturalist- Coastal,Uplands, and Freshwater 

  • Paddlefit Core and Pro

  • ACA- Adaptive Paddle

(CPR and First Aid, Basic Life Support, Neonatal Resuscitation, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, Trauma Nursing Core Course, Emergency Nursing Pediatric Certified, CPI Non violent Crisis Intervention)

Sue loves meeting inspiring people from all walks of life, and is so excited to get everyone out on the water!

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special needs, paddle instructor, tour guide
nurse, special needs, paddleboard, tour guide
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disability paddle instructor, paddleboard, kayak
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Jeep, paddleboards, Yolo

Linda is a SUP water junkie!!
She spends her weekends SUP racing or enjoying paddles out with her SUP friends and family. 
Linda is a Coach for our Selkie Adaptive Paddle Group. She is one of the most upbeat happy people you will meet, especially on the water.
Fantastic SUP teacher, safety instructor, and she can definitely get the whole groups silly going on!
We are so lucky to have her in our SUP family.


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  • First Aid, CPR, AED Pediatric and Adult

  • Volunteer for Wildlife Center of Venice for rescue and transport of injured and orphaned wildlife. 

  • 1st Level 1 Special Olympics State Games 2016 

  • Competed in over 30 Open Races since 2015 in Florida, Alabama, South and North Carolina

  • Florida Master Naturalist- Coastal,Uplands, and Freshwater

  • Paddlefit Core and Pro

  • ACA- Adaptive Paddle

Hayley is part of Selkie Ability Work program. She has mastered skills to assist on tours.

Hayley's enthusiasm for the sport is contagious and she is ready to make sure your day is special!

bull terrier, paddle, koolen devries syndrome, yolo
Tunaskin, paddleboard race train, koolen devries syndrome
HovieSup, paddleboard, special needs, instructor, tour guide
turtle, Venice Florida, wildlife rescue
turtle, wildlife rescue rehabilitation
dolphin, paddleboard fun, Special Olympics
conch, adaptive paddle, Stump Pass, Don Pedro Island State Park
manatee, Boca Grande, paddleboard tour, kayak, adaptive paddle


  • SUP Yoga Instructor certification

  • World Paddling Association/SUP 

  • Water Safety Red Cross


  • Certified Special Olympics Coach

  • Crossing For the Cure 


Donna is a happy enthusiastic adventurer, always ready to explore and teach about our fantastic creature world!​

Her photographs on our tours rival the best photographers at National Geographic to help preserve your memories forever! 

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Donna 1_edited.jpg


  • Certified Special Olympics Standup Paddle Coach

  • World Paddling Association 

  • CrossFit 

  • Advocate and volunteer for Selah Freedom

  • Aimee loves getting out and exploring our waterways and can't wait to share these beautiful adventures with your friends and family!

paddleboard, crossfit, special olympics coach
paddleboard, kayak tour guide, florida, cross fit
friends, family, adaptive paddle, special olympics
cross fit, paddleboard
dolphin, englewood florida
Craig and Holly
  • Craig is a Master Diver and a Paramedic and Holly is a Sonographer and Certified Diver.

  • Excellent SUP and kayakers, these two have an intense love for fishing and will be your Guru fishing guides if that is the adventure you choose. Fish On!!

      Dave and Linda

Dave and Linda love spending their day on the water and are dedicated to help the Whole family get out on our beautiful waterways, and explore with no boundaries. 

You can hear Daves laugh from a mile away and it is contagious!


Dave is a Florida Master Naturalist Advanced.  Any questions you may have about our Coastal Creatures he will have an answer for you!

He is an avid kayaker, has a great love for the outdoors, and you will see him and his wife all around town at all the beach clean ups. He just loves our environment and you can feel his passion!


John is a jack of all trades kinda guy...

he is our adaptive equipment engineer, loading muscles, mechanic, tour guide, financial supporter... my husband.

He loves paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing, swimming, and chilling on the sandbars.

He has a gift for telling some fabulous unfiltered stories so pull up a chair and crack a beer, your in for a treat!

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