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Locations and Tours

     We are blessed with many places to explore in Boca Grande and Englewood. Mangrove tunnels, sand bars, canals, and great open waterways...we have it all!

     We are surrounded by the beautiful State Parks where dolphin, starfish, rays, and lightning whelks are plentiful.

     Boca Grande offers the barrier islands and amazing open water ways where Dolphin, tarpon, and bonnet head shark are frequently encountered. This  is the destination for shelling and birding fans! 

       If your desire is to spend the day with manatees, Boca Grande is your best bet for a day getting to know these beautiful and gentle animals. 

We can adapt your tour to whatever will make your day filled with wonderful memories!

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      Choose Your Adventure!


Boca Grande

Paddle clear blue waters at the historic railroad trestle's and sandbar, or explore the protected waterways of the Boca Bayou where there is a large population of manatee that you may encounter. Boca Grande waterways are blessed with dolphins, bonnet head sharks, sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, lightning whelk, horse conch, and more! Every tour is a unique paddling experience while learning about the rich history of Boca Grande. This is great destination for shelling fans! 


*2-3 hour tours at the 19th street launch or the railroad trestles

*4-5 hour tours which would include time for a chill at the sandbar, lunch on an island with a swim or a snorkel


Bring your furry friend! All dogs welcome at this location.

No bathrooms available at the 19th street location.

Stump Pass Beach State Park

Paddle your way around two islands into a beautiful grass flat aquatic preserve teeming with life. You may encounter dolphins, manatees, seastars, egrets, herons, and rays. Take a stroll on the beach overlooking the clear blue waters of the gulf, enjoy a swim, shelling, and sharks teeth of the best places to find these local treasures! Finish your day off with a beautiful nature walk through the center of the island. This is wonderful tour for our birding fans!


*2-3 hour tours

*4-5 hour tours which would include time for lunch on the beach, swim, and snorkel

Dogs welcome on the paddle and walking trail, but they are not allowed on the beach side.

Buck Creek/ Bill Coy Preserve

Enjoy the quiet and beautiful Buck Creek Estuary, comprised of grass flats and magical mangrove tunnels. Learn about the sealife nursery which all takes place at the mouth of the estuary. Paddle out into the intracoastal waterway where you may encounter manatee, dolphins, rays, and large schools of fish. Finish your day off with a walk on the nature trail where you may encounter gopher tortoise, cotton tail rabbits, or Great Blue Herons. A wildlife viewing platform is available for the perfect backdrop for your photo. 


*2-3 hour tour

 *4-5 hour tour which would include a paddle to an island restaurant Rum Bay which can only be reached by boat or paddlecraft! 


Dogs are welcome on this paddle. Service Dogs only on the preserve walking trail. 


Don Pedro Island

Enjoy a beautiful paddle in the intracoastal waterway where you may spot friendly manatees or dolphins. Wind your way through a mangrove tunnel full of life where you may encounter seastars, lightning whelk, or some jellies. Take a break on Don Pedro Island where you can enjoy a walk, swim, shelling, snorkel on the gulf side beach, and enjoy lunch under the shaded shelter.


*2-3 hour tour

*4-5 hour tour which would include a visit to Don Pedro Island- lunch, swim, snorkel, and shelling time available

Dogs are welcome on this paddle and walk, no dogs allowed on the gulf beach side

SUP Yoga with Donna

Spend a few hours experiencing peaceful moments on the water with nature. Beginners welcome...try something new, experience a new kind of exercise where you will engage your muscles in a new way, improve your balance, and have some fun with friends!




 $75.00 per person for a 2-3 hour tour

$125 per person for a 4-5 hour tour (includes time for a swim/lunch/snorkel on sandbar island)

$25.00 per child (ride-a-longs) 

*Adaptive Paddlers Free

* ALL tours are private tours

*We do not do rentals/not a livery

  These donations will be used for things such as new equipment, upkeep of our existing equipment, training volunteers, and hiring additional certified tour guides needed for water activities.

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