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Locations and Tours

     We are blessed with many places to explore in Boca Grande and Englewood. Mangrove tunnels, sand bars, canals, and great open waterways...we have it all!

     We are surrounded by the beautiful State Parks where dolphin, starfish, rays, and lightning whelks are plentiful.

     Boca Grande offers the barrier islands and amazing open water ways where Dolphin, tarpon, and bonnet head shark are frequently encountered. This  is the destination for shelling and birding fans! 

       If your desire is to spend the day with manatees, Boca Grande is your best bet for a day getting to know these beautiful and gentle animals. 

We can adapt your tour to whatever will make your day filled with wonderful memories!

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seastars, Englewood, Stump Pass State Park
seastars, Don Pedro State Park
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Lightning Whelk, Stump Pass State Park
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Puffer Fish , Florida, paddleboard tours
dolphin, Don Pedro State Park, paddleboard, kayak tours
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manatee, paddleboard, Boca Grande
Bull terrier, paddleboard tour, manatee, Boca Grande
horseshoe crab, Boca Grande
Osprey, Florida
Bonnet Head shark, Boca Grande, paddleboard, kayak tours
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White Snowy Egret, Englewood, Stump Pass
Shark, Boca Grande
manatee, paddleboard tour
manatee, kayak tour, Boca Grande
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shelling, recreation
seastar, paddleboard tour, adaptive paddling
shelling, kids, paddleboard tour
seastar, barrier islands Boca Grande
Stump Pass State Park, paddleboard tours, disability, calm water
Lightning Whelk, Horse Conch, paddleboard tours
dolphins, Don Pedro Island State Park
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family, friends, kayak, paddleboard
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